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Mini clubman Auto 1.6 Lady owner ( ULEZ FREE ) Dealer Service History

Lady owner, Low mileage, Automatic, Ulez free, E/w, P/s, Ambient lights, C/locking, Dealer service History, 2 keys, just been serviced with the M.o.t 07/19 , Tinted windows, CD player, Aux cable, Cloth interior. Selling due to Last year of University needs to focus on study. Serious buyers only. No time wasters please. 07723365316 Thank you

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Sale end date2019-10-09 15:38:36
EBay ID133190040209
Current price£0.00
Current bid£5495.00
Buy It Now price£0.00
Listing durationDays_7
Listing typeFixedPriceItem
Listing locationIlford
Category ID38708
Category nameCars, Motorcycles & Vehicles:Cars:Mini
User feedback score51
User feedback percentage100.0 %
User registered since2010-11-25 00:00:00
Number of bids0
Reserve mettrue
Eligible for second chancefalse
Listing statusCompleted
Start price5495.00
Item conditionUsed
Item views307
Item has reserve pricefalse

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